Monday, April 8, 2013

Stupid horse

     Well so much for Phoenix being the smart one.  They ate a good chunk out of the hay but this morning still Phoenix is pacing the fence, I explained TWICE to him that I had to go to work and they had to eat the hay.  So what does he do?  Pace the fence, push against the fence and hit the gate trying to get out.  UHG, makes me want to put up a SUPER hot wire about 10 inches from the fence so they couldn't get near the poor field wire.  The field wire's barely over a year old and it looks like shit.  Just very, very aggravated with them today.  I mean I know Bahloo did a number on the fence, as did Tessa before her, but now it's Phoenix.  STUPID old horse!  Well he's got the food, if he choses to starve himself to death he starves, I can't force him to eat the hay.  Just retarded old horse.  And here I thought he was the smart one of the two.
     Very strangely I was watching the Holland babies and the doe seems a bit too quiet, the little buck is starting to get more adventurous.  I'm worried, I had thought of keeping her, but now I'm not so sure.  I still love the little buck, these two shouldn't be hard to place into pet homes at all!  Both are still sweet and friendly. I'm kind of excited to see these two turn out. I haven't had a Holland Lop litter since their mother's litter. 
     I've also been playing with my dutchies and I think that Keisha's ready for retirement now. She's not really holding weight well and he killed her last litter.  She was bred one more time but I don't think she took.  So it's retirement time for her!  She's just under 4 years old so it feels like a good time, after all she's been through in her short life. 
     Rain, come on Rain!  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!  Please let it rain good all afternoon.  I can't afford to re-seed that pasture again because it's not raining and it kills all my seed.  That and I can't afford to keep buying hay, I've got so many bills that are backed up right now to get caught up that!  I'll have to put Phoenix down and move Heidi to pasture board somewhere if it doesn't rain!  I don't want to do that this early!!

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