Monday, April 15, 2013

Good, bad, pending improvements!

     Well plenty of good and bad has gone the past couple of days.  Well Sunday was the KY Cup rabbit show.  The show was HORRIBLY run but a good showing for dutch none the less.  Took us forever to get our showing though. 
     First show under Ronn Mauck wasn't as beneficial.  Connie was 2nd of 4 Black sr does, Tigger was 5th of 6 black jr bucks, Raf was 3 of 4 blue sr bucks, Leo 4th of 4 sr blue bucks, Marcie was 2nd of 2 sr does, Natalie was 2nd of 6 Steel sr does (Second only to Anna), and Penelope was the only jr steel doe.  My aunt's poor little Nethie Marty had to get his ear tattooed first thing-which Catherine did for me- and then he disqualified off the table for being 3 pounds.  I need to learn more about Netherland Dwarfs so I know what a good buck is apparently necessary!  I thought he looked decent but apparently I'm wrong. 
     The second show was way more entertaining.  Jeremy Watmuff was a fast talking, cute looking judge from Michigan.  Our numbers were different in the second showConnie was 1st of 3 sr  black does and BOSV, Tigger was 4th of 5 jr black bucks, Raf was 1st of 4 sr blue bucks and BOSV, Leo was 4th of 4 sr blue bucks, Marcie was 1st of 2 sr blue does, Natalie was 1st of 6 steel sr does and BOV, Penelope was still 1st of 1 jr steel does and we never heard the call for the dwarfs second show so poor Marty just got to sit in the carrier.  Jeremy was fun, I had no issue understanding him, as he did talk fast and Tim and Carla were joking about him being a fast talker- must be a northern thing!
     I ended up swapping Tigger to Tim Wiley for a cute little black buck that carries tort and chocolate.- he's Lawrence.  I bought one of his nice tort does (still doesn't have a name) and a cute black doe that carries tort as well- I called her Terra.  So the pending improvements are these little jr's int he barn.  I'm really hopeful these guys can make the improvements I need to take my dutch up a little more in class, good enough to compete with I hadn't been feeling so great by the time I got home, I just put the bunnies-still in their carriers in the barn came in and went to sleep before dinner(Despite I was hungry by then I was more tired I guess!!)  Slept for 11 hours and felt GREAT today! 
     The today was the bad part!  I attempted to get a good ride in while it was gorgeous out.  Heidi decided to be a stubborn mare.  She kept getting spazzy and buddy sour, so I lunged her for a while and got back up again, we fought for a little bit, I made her walk a figure 8 around the x-pens- twice -and walk back out back(making Phoenix start hollering again as she was out of sight), Then stand and let me dismount, I un-tacked since she was seriously sweaty and we did just a little work on the ground and we'll try again tomorrow and if she's still batty then I'll find a way to send her to the Amish for some work.  It'll be obvious that she's outside my abilities by that point then!  Either way if I can't get a good ride in on her, I'll be taking Phoenix out for a good trail ride.  Gives him some time out and about walking to start building muscle.
     The disastrous ride left me feeling very deflated so I made a big x-pen out of the 2 x-pens.  Then I put Pip, Marie, Jeanie, Terra and the new tort doe out in the x-pen and just let them romp around and let me take pictures. 
     I shall end the post with some pictures of the buns out playing.  The Black is Terra, the tort without any stops is Jeanie, Pip and Marie are still kind of hard to tell apart on quick glance.  The biggest, well marked doe is the new doe who still needs a name.

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