Sunday, August 17, 2014

Rainy Day focus

     Well a rained out Sunday gave me a LOT of time to think about things.  Boonesboro Animal Clinic is a step towards where I want to go but I still would rather get into Large animal, more importantly back into Equine.  I'm going to hold out and stay at Boonesboro until I can at least train my way up enough and I'll pick at Rex, Jeff and Patrick's brains on Horses.  I started to pick at Jeff's on Saturday since Heidi's still itchy, no where near as bad as before. I think she needs to go up to 2 oz's a day instead of the 1 oz she's on.  If I can get Patrick, or Jeff to agree maybe I can buy a container of the Tri-Hist from them.  I know it's all at cost, which I can tolerate.  If it'll stop her itching that's all I care.  She's my everything.  She just let me snuggle her several times today and that's what I want.  For my world I have several rabbits that I've chosen to keep and they're all my snugglers.  I might move them on later on, but as of right now I can't do that.  I still have to push and get rid of quite a few more rabbits.  
     I thought a lot more and heavier on moving into an apartment or studio.  I have to find one that's inexpensive enough to afford, and yet close enough to be able to get out to Heidi and my rabbits every night so I can take care of them.  
     I kept dreaming today and thinking a lot on if I ever won the lotto, what would I do?  Well for one I'd get my truck fixed up properly; pay off my student loans, pay off Allens for him and pay off Jess' for dad.  Then I get my own little place to keep Heidi at, just 5 or so acres and I'd get her a companion.  I would also go back to school, I'd keep my job at Boonesboro until I got the further education.  Part of me wants to go back now and go back for Equine Nutrition and Vet tech.  
     I've not gotten much weight off, so much for a 30 x 30.  30 pounds off by 30 years old, I do have it going in the correct direction now, but there's no way to get 30 pounds off.  Right now I've gone from upper 270's to the lower 270's.  So going the right direction and it's great.  I'll keep going the way I'm going and I'll get there eventually.  
     There's something about my bedroom that is driving my sinus' crazy.  So after work tomorrow and my day off Tuesday I'm going to try moving my bed and cleaning the wall behind it.  I'll do whatever I can to get my Sinus'.  While they got a refill of my thyroid medication I won't push for the blood pressure refill.  Mom said she has extra of hers which I'll have to cut in half as her's is twice as strong as mine, and I have extra of my own.  Well Bed time I have a bad feeling Jess will wake me up in the morning.  She's finally starting work again after being off for 3 weeks(I think).  

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