Friday, August 8, 2014

First week Wonders

     First week has gone by in a whirl wind.  I've learned quite a bit, I've stayed calm, quiet and relaxed.  I've only gotten irritated a few times at some people not over anything in particular.  Just many differences in opinions on how things need to be done.  But I'm still working hard and still doing what I can to learn.  Work fast and hard and earn the time to venture into the back parts of the clinic and help clean rooms, and learn what I can from the vets as they work.
     I've got my first week real dutch sale that I'm scared about.  It doesn't feel right.  If I could actually feel comfortable doing something with these rabbits then I would just keep them, but I need to sell them and cut down the stock.  Well it's bed time before the last half day of work.  After work I'll stop by someplace and grab some pizza or something for Grandma and me and I'll go by her place for some lunch.  I'm sure it'll make her terribly happy.  

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