Thursday, April 17, 2014

Personal Day

     Today is a 'Me' day.  I have a dentist appointment, the crown and two cavities filled.  This way my smile doesn't look too lopsided anymore.  It'll probably be a month or so before I finish the last of the cavities from shifted teeth.  Once I finally get done with it I fully intend to keep up with them and enjoy my smile and my teeth.  I've already made adjustments to diet and after my appointment today I'll see if adding a vitamin D or calcium will help as well.  The vitamin C I already take helps keep my sinus' under control, I'm still taking Clariton as well as the Vit. C in the morning, but doTerra has an allergy type capsule I want to try instead of the Clariton.  Still using the diffuser at night too.  I'm enjoying the nice sleep- I need to get some good lavender as this little bottle isn't the best but it's working until I run it out and get some stronger in.  
     After the dental appointment I'll stop in and pick up rabbit feed, then come home and get that put up for the weekend and wait to meet up with Marty to make the swap of dutch rabbits.  Three unwanted ones for two more highly wanted ones!  Thinking rabbits, I think my blue dutch are done until I can find and afford a really super nice blue buck.  I'm having such a hard time getting my blues better and it's just not going.  I let them go too far and into bad body type.  My steels are staying strong, and my torts are holding their own but the blues.  Uhg.  Well I guess I can't always keep after them after all.  Maybe it is time to move on, off the rabbits, get rid of most of them and just keep 10 or so.  My torts are down to a trio only, blues are sitting at a trio right now, Chins are at a trio now to move the steels down.  Hardest part is I have so many nice steels I don't want to get rid of any that I have.  I just have to be more selective.  Cage keep up is a pain in the butt, cleaning takes time, but showing is still a relaxing fun day.  I really still want to try dog showing.  Mainly the rally and agility type classes.  It just seems like such fun.  Maybe rabbits and dog showing?  Heidi will just be a trail riding girl.  I'll have to still get some training on her but then I'll be able to take her english or western and just ride. 
     This weekend should be interesting.  I'm going to try to get teh cages pressure washed and spray painted so I can hopefully hold them out for a little longer before having to replace them, replace floor wires in 6 of them.  First I have to see if Uncle Jim's pressure washer, or is it Aunt Lisa's, still works and if they have it.   Either way gives me an excuse to go visit!  Not that I ever need an excuse to go visit them- but it seems to clear myself from everyone else's time tables.  My weekends are screwy at best anyway!
      I'll have to start thinking a LOT more about it as I move forward, see where I want to go, what I want to do with my future.  I *STILL* want to get an Aussie.  I've got my heart set on a red merle aussie.  Saw one on craigslist last night that was darling.  I'm bidding my time, I'm thinking things through still.  

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