Saturday, April 26, 2014

Awesome day

     Yesterday was just an awesome day.  I was laughing so badly because I couldn't talk right.  Spent a few hours up at Rolex.  We watched the last 5 or 6 dressage rides then we walked around so Aunt Lisa could get some of the drift of what was going on and what this was all about.  I think it was a bit of a mental overload for her.  That's why I didn't want to go for a really long period of time.  This gave her a small inlet and if she wants to, we can go Sunday morning again.  Though we probably won't get lucky a second time with out having to pay admission.  That too, yesterday was awesome.  A guy picked us up from the parking area and drove us straight up to the back of Rolex stadium, right past the ticket booths.  It was cool.  That saved us $20.  That $20 I turned around and used elsewhere.  I had $40 set aside for half chaps, which I did get but I also got 3 new saddle pads.  I know I didn't need them but they were pretty and cheap.  I got a Lilac, Purple and a baby blue, they had them on sale for 50% off retail price.  Who can pass that up?  I only went $15 over my limit but it's okay.  I'll make it back up some other way (Sell a few rabbits maybe).  Now I have way more saddle pads than I need but if I rip a few, so what?  
     I also learned a lot from just talking to vendors.  When I get *that* much extra money I'm going to try ordering a different bit for Heidi.  The consensus from talking to people was the single joint that I'm using might be hurting her mouth.  A double joint might do better for her.  I'm going to get this Myler back up for sale since she really doesn't like that bit and then once that's sold, use that to pay for the new bit.  I've still got to figure out how to full board her but that's coming slowly.  I could probably still do it but I would take all month to pay him most likely.  Right now I'm getting bills put in their places and then I'll be ready to rock and rumble.  
     The doTerra stuff seems to really have been working.  I'm fighting off a sinus infection, I started the Tri Ease softgel blend and it doesn't seem to be doing as much for my allergies as I had hoped (though they were controlled at least) it also seemed to help with my gut some.  So instead of two a day of the TriEase today, I'm doing a TriEase in the morning and one of the Slim 'N Sassy with dinner.  I'll see what happens by the end of my 5-day.  Though if my sinus' keep holding the pressure that they have been I'll break down and get something from the doc's to get rid of it.  Having the lavender seems to do a better job with the breathe at night too.  Ayden seems to like it as well, he slept on the bed with me last night. Well enough for right now, maybe more tonight.  

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