Friday, December 20, 2013

Wee! The weekend has come!

     The weekend has come, two weeks off. Today I spent the day down in Lexington finishing up my Christmas shopping.  It was, for lack of better terms, interesting.  Lexington is not a place to be this close to the holidays.  Took FOREVER To get from store to store, but I got everything done that I needed to get done which was the goal!  Now whatever money I have left over for the week has to go into my gas tank so I can go up and see Heidi.  I haven't seen Heidi in over a week.  I'm ready to bring her home, I really am.  I wish I could find a place closer to home to bring her but sadly I haven't found anything yet. 
     I'll be working on a Cover letter to send in with my Resume to Hagyard for the job they have listed.  That'll be sent in on Monday, plus stopping at Spencer Creek Veterinary in Mount Sterling and seeing if he's looking for help.  I've made a promise to give it my best to make sure I have a new job by the time I go back to Nestle in January.  I have to go back in January to solidify my Holiday pay, but I want to be out before the 12 hour shift crap starts.  
     I've got a few cute bunnies coming up in the nest box, hopefully as spring Juniors they can sell.  Fall babies don't seem to sell anywhere near as well. 
Connie x Harold babies born 12/20
 Natalie x Michelangelo babies born 12/12
Black baby:
 Steel baby:
 Blue babies:

     I do like the steel and the black baby coming out in the litter, one of the blue's isn't too bad.  Connie's, one might be worth watching but it *is* a black and I'm not *aiming* to hang onto blacks.  Hopefully the little black is a doe, and the steel is a black as well, it'll be much better and easier to sell!  Buck's hardly EVER sell.    I should have a litter of Torts in the box in the morning.  I do give up on a few things- Like chocolates.  I can't seem to get a litter out of them.  I still prefer the blues, steels and torts over them.  Hopefully soon the Chinchilla's will take off.  Soon, soon.  
     My weight has been holding steady finally, now hopefully I can keep it holding steady, I had to go back onto the Activia.  I had swapped to the Coburn brand(Save-a-Lot) because it was cheaper and it should have done the same job, but something about the probiotics in the Coburn tears my digestive tract up.  So I had to go back to Activia and now we'll see how this goes.  Just mentally at a good stage, very good stage.  

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