Sunday, December 15, 2013

To do or not to do . . .

     I don't intend to quit, at times I just want to, but I go back and look at pictures and remember what it was like to have success, both with Heidi and with the Rabbits.  It's been awfully cold at times and makes riding incredibly hard.  I'm still too naive on english riding and Heidi's just too green under saddle and while we work well together, we aren't getting anywhere.  I wish I had seen her today, but I was just beyond too cold just taking care of the bunnies.  
     I did manage to at least pull Natalie's little bunch out and snap a quick picture.  I also looked each one over really quick, the three blues are nothing spectacular but the black and the steel look fairly decent.  I'm going to watch them continue to grow and I will monitor them to see how they come out as they grow.  I might just go ahead and stay with blue and steels, at least those can be interbred with each other. I'll keep the torts at a few.  I've given up with them.  Tort's are just not with it anymore.  I thought bringing Sassy's sister back into the barn would help- has not.  Buying Della and Jayger both would help boost it, again hasn't.  Maybe I just need homebred torts again, but I'm not sure.  
     A friend of mine, one lady I hold dear to me, she's helped me in more ways than she knows, has to try and find a place for her gelding, who she had in a foster type situation and she said she had actually thought of me as a place to put him that he'd be taken care of.  I know I've done retirements before, I've done rehabs before.  There's no rhyme or reason to why he's lame that she can tell, he's pasture sound.  It's been a tempting thought to bring Heidi home.  I miss having her at home.  
     Having Jess here at home has been interesting.  I've been doing my best to keep my thoughts and myself to myself and away from home the best I can.  I stay that way and I quite enjoy it that way.  I keep my bunnies to myself, I keep Heidi to myself.  Hopefully soon I'll be out and away and enjoy things a lot more.  I'm contemplating actually renting a small house, it's over near Lisa's, which would put me closer to Heidi and I might be able to move Heidi to Nelson's.  She wouldn't get the work, I'd have a longer drive to work, but I'm also working hard to get a better job.  Something more towards my fields of interest.  I'm still watching several job leads.  

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