Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Count Down

     The count down has begun, well some actually started a while ago.  3 Work days left until just under 2 weeks off, plus I have 3 weeks left to find another job or suffer the 12 hour shifts. 
     The 12 hour shifts start January 6th, and while we want nothing to do with it, they're not giving us any choice but to do them on Line 8.  I didn't even want the friggin line to start with, but Shana refused to let me train elsewhere so I'm stuck.  Dad's at least trained on 4,5,&7.  I know the basics to keep the other lines running, but never ran them to train.  So F-off Nestle I'll find another job.  I've got a few leads to other jobs but I'll have 2 weeks to push on them and see what I can get.  At this point, I'm not even concerned with having to bring Heidi home for the rest of the winter if that's what it'll take.  If I'm forced to deal with the 12 hour shifts, I'll still bring Heidi home, because seeing her every 2 to 3 weeks will not work out.   I'll get violent from being over tired and not seeing Heidi.  Would not be pretty.  
     Hagyard, Catalent, Alltech are all places I'm going to submit to.  I'm going to take a drive up through the industrial park in Wincester and I'll even look about in Morehead for something closer, and as close to equal as I can find.  I'm just getting more and more on the edge and and I'm afraid sooner or later I'm going to snap.  Tension right now is high and I know I can calm down seeing Heidi.  I can't wait to see her again.  Maybe I'll venture up before I go out to get her and see if the indoor arena is done, take her up there for a little while, just in halter and mess with her as it's supposed to be raining Friday and Saturday.  Saturday will be the first time I get up to see her, Friday I have to finish my Christmas shopping.  Mom, Jess and Dad left.  I know what I'm getting each one of them.  Very glad of that.  I got Allen's ordered this morning-hopefully it arrives in time.  
     One more hellacious night coming up.  Dad's on line 8 so we'll be late cause I'll be waiting for him.  I'm on Durkee so that shouldn't be too bad for me anyway.  I want to be done now!!  Luckily the next two nights I should be on Crispy Batter which won't be bad at all.  I can handle that, I know I can.  Much nicer, easier, slower paced, more mentally stimulating(IE I can think more!) and SOLO.  I don't have to deal with anyone!  Just leave me the F- alone!  
     I got my ticket for the Mega tonight, it's really super high.  IF I can even get a 1/5 of what the jackpot is I'll be happy.  I can get my loans and bills all paid off and go ahead and keep Heidi where she is, it'll give me the time I need to get another job.   Mental ramblings at their end as I have to leave for work. 

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