Tuesday, December 3, 2013


     After riding today and working with Heidi I'm to a point on uncertainty.  I think every time I get a step in the right direction I take 2 backwards.  Today Heidi wouldn't do anything.  I think at times I need to start riding with a crop.  Since she didn't want to move, I got down and MADE her move.  Then I got back up and we did much better, a couple laps to let her cool down after running, gave her a bunch of cookies and her apple.  This was just not what I was expecting, the other day was so good and today was horrid.  Maybe she's not cut out to be a riding mount.  Maybe I should try driving instead.  At this point I am unsure what to do.  I love her to pieces, but just don't know what to do.  

  It's strange, it's odd I don't really know what I'm thinking, I'm going to take this week to mentally puzzle things out while I am at work.  Driving or riding?  Anything at this point to keep my mind off my sister, and everything else that has been mentally puzzling me-which is up to and including my rabbits.  

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