Sunday, November 10, 2013

Whirlwind weekend!

     It's been a whirlwind of a weekend off from work.  It started a bit rough, putting Phoenix down and moving Heidi to Tamarack, but being out there with Heidi made it a lot easier.  Friday I sat out in her temporary paddock with her for a couple of hours.  I was very content after that I knew it was time for Phoenix and he's in a better place.  Part of me misses the 'steady eddy' horse but I couldn't ride him anyway. 
     Heidi settled in nicely the first day, no hollering, no bucking or running about.  So on Saturday morning I went back, with it windy as heck, and just lunged her in the outdoor arena.  Most of it was free lunging, but we did get to the line at the time.  Still no bucking or stupid behavior from the big baby! 
     I was so pleased with Heidi's behavior as I went home satisfied that I've made the right choice.  I know I have.  Even if she's about an hour away, I am very happy with her there.  Today I meet one of the other boarders.  I know her name is Sarah (or is it Sara?) and she's a nurse and owns Spencer- an OTTB 23 year old gelding that's more of a pet now.  She's a plus size and she adores Heidi.  Spencer likes Heidi as well.  If Heidi had been full board the two could have been pasture mates, but alas I don't think I can stay affording it.  I want to one day to put her on full board. 
     So after the happy free-lunging/line lunging, I came home and still with excitement that came from the morning workout, I got ready for a hunting outing.  I knew it was opening day and we've never had any luck opening day, but dad already had gotten one opening morning, so we went out for the afternoon.

     Bam, I finally got my first deer!  Just a small doe but I was tickled.  My first ever deer and dad says probably the first in over 50 years for that gun and it was from one of what I call the werewolf bullets.  I'm just super glad that I finally beat Allen at something!  He saw deer in the woods before I did, he missed first and hit a tree.  Alright Allen it's your turn!
     Today I went back up while it was nice and tacked up Miss Heidi again.  This time I got up on her.  This time no one was there for pictures but it was such a nice ride.  Feeling Heidi on the sand arena was different we did a few laps and figure eights in the arena.

     I still can't seem to get another job.  I am hopeful that soon I can, I really do!  Tomorrow I go to the doctors.  My blood pressure is still high and out of control so I have to get it controlled and I have to find out why. 
     I'm actually cutting all my bunnies down now.  I've learned over the past 3 days having Heidi an hour away it'll be rough keeping up with all the rabbits.  I'm going to make the choice to sell a bunch of them. Whoever doesn't sell will be butchered for meat.  There won't be too many left I'm hoping.  There's a small select bunch that will be staying a few torts, mainly blues, the steel does, black doe, and the pair of Chinchilla's.  I'm hoping to get a litter of chocolates out so I can tell if I want to try to continue working with them or not. At this point I'm highly doubting it, I think Chocolates are going to be on their way out.

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