Monday, November 11, 2013

Rabbit world

     Well I went through the rabbit barn.  I set through a list of rabbits that are going to be culled, either by meat or by selling them.  So far I've got 9 on the meat/cull/sell list.  Several I know I can do without and will do without.  Between behavior and body type.  Count, Colby, Corbin, Dylan, Hope, Jackie, Wilma and Zelda are all on the cull list.   Rachel has told me that she'd like the blues, that would be Wilma and her mother Zelda. 
     Thankfully Keisha didn't take, she'd be due in a little over a week. She palpated negative today.  I rebred for the two chocolate litters to see if I can get some, If Marie doesn't produce this time around she's done.  This is the 3rd time she's been bred- first was by a proven chocolate and tort carrier buck.  So it's 3rd time's the charm or cull.  She has a nice little body type- key word, little.  She's not a horrifically big doe, she's very petite but dark and smutty for a tort. Terra's a proven doe and I'll sell her as such being a chocolate carrier with 1 leg.  She has a bit freckle on her nose now thanks to Marie(who's next to her) and possible to keep chocolate offspring for the spring show table. 
     I had a short physical today at the doctors and I go in the morning for blood to be drawn to have bloodwork done.  I go back in 2 weeks again for a follow up, plus she put me on a mild blood pressure med to try and bring it down.  I'm hoping this works to bring it down, I think that's part of why I have been beyond exhausted, constantly.  Every afternoon so far I've fallen asleep for a short while and I'm just wore out. 
     Tomorrow I intend to go visit Heidi again too, get one more ride in before I go back to work for the week.  I, thankfully, have Saturday off for the Dutch Specialty show.  Hopefully we're ready.  Right now I'm looking at taking 3 blues(Alura, Trinity and Matilda), 3 torts(Dylan, Shelly and Faith), 1 black(Connie) and 1 steel(Natalie) with me to the show. Connie and Natalie are more for getting registered and granded so they can successfully retire off the table.  They've earned their rights to come off the table.  Well time to go to sleep(again) but this time I'll get up and go get some blood drawn and then come home and finish my chores so I can go see Heidi.  I can't wait to see my baby again tomorrow.  Even if it's too cold to ride, ride, I'll take her out for a little while and just let her know that I love her. 

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