Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Finally a break!

     Finally a break from work, and the temps are going to be cold and nasty- but that's not going to stop me this time.  I want to get over and work on Heidi, I really do.  I need to.  I want to.  I know Heidi's just mentally maturing and she just needs time and just keep working through it but it makes me wonder.  I want to get Cynthia Royal's horse training DVD's (if the price wasn't so high that is) watch and learn from them.  See how I can bring Heidi around.  I'm going to eventually go back to my Parelli book and try to re-do some stuff out of there for Heidi too.  See if I can't get her to come back around to the pony I knew she was. I may have to move from Tamarack to someplace closer for the time being. There is a round pen, I just have to bring her back into the pasture to get to it.  Maybe I'll do it anyway. 
     I'm just trying to pass some time, We're supposed to have a short night at work tonight.  While it's not good for the paycheck it's good because I can't stand being there.  I hate my job and I particularly hate Line 8-which is where I'm stuck.  I can beg and plead and maybe get a day away from Line 8, but for the most part I'm stuck there.  I don't like it but I can deal with it until I get a new job.  I'm going to keep looking and searching, even if it means bringing Heidi home and cutting my number of rabbits in half.  I'm ready to do that.  I'm trying to do that now. Selling as many as possible and I've even considered selling Natalie since I have her sister Connie- my two Grand Champions.  I've got both of them bred to blues to see if they still carry the blue gene.  I think my torts are going to go down to a trio and stay there.  Faith, Della and Tort buck.  Soon, soon. I hope.  Time to go get ready for work.  Short, night, short night, just keep telling myself that and *maybe* it'll be true.

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