Sunday, September 8, 2013

Interesting Information

     I finally figured out why Honey's been cribbing, or at least I think I have.  The cribbing can be a direct symptom of tummy problems which could have partially spawned from stress.  She's had quite a few stressor's in the past couple of weeks.  First was the other horses running her through the fence and damaging her legs(both in the spring and this one recently), her momma(Sheri) being gone for quite some time, then everything being stressful over there due to lack of funds to get hay and feed, her feet had to have been hurting (that shoe I yanked this morning was BADLY put on!) so she's had a few stressors then to add that to a new human, and new herd and she's cribbing.  So I've cut her off-cold turkey from anything sweet feed- no more senior, no more sweet and no more cookies as they have molasses.  She's regulated to straight oats and I have alfalfa oat hay cubes to give her for treats and hopefully that will help settle her tummy until I can get some Purina Equalizer or Enrich 32 and give her a round of that to complete her belly and get her balanced back out, then she should be pretty set to go.  She'll have to keep a diet of plain oats for a while probably but oats are far cheaper anyway than buying any special kind of feed for her.  If I hadn't mowed my field down I'd have brought her back to my side and let her stay solo for a little while.  Now hopefully she can relax now that I have her tummy going back in the correct path. 
     I couldn't do anything with Heidi today it was just plum too hot. It'll be hotter tomorrow and Michael will be here Tuesday morning- got a text about 11 pm tonight- so they'll get good feeties on Tuesday.  Honey's walking better now that she's gotten that shoe off. and I did manage to cut back some of that hoof a little bit to help her balance some more. 
     Well tomorrow should be hotter than today so I'm hoping by getting up earlier I might be able to get Heidi out again under saddle and a little more work again. 

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