Sunday, September 22, 2013

Disconnected Feeling

     I woke up late today, I needed the sleep that much I knew but I'm feeling very disconnected with my friends as of lately.  I felt seriously disconnected today as I'm so far off right now I am unsure if I even want to continue with my show rabbits.  To flip my schedule for shows is a pain in the arse.  I'm sure having a different work schedule would help with the desire to continue with some of them.  I'm hoping and still searching for a better job, I intend to talk to Dr. Ben when he comes out to do Heidi's shots and see if he knows of any vets that are looking for an assistant.  I'm sitting here, I've tried to raise a few of them online to chat and thus far they've all ignored me.  So I give up.  Maybe I'll make some new friends at the barn when we go. 
     I've also meet our new neighbors.  They're actually quite nice folks.  I'm glad we didn't end up with bad neighbors.  Part of me's ready to start with the future plans for Miss Heidi.  I've got so much mentally planned for her that I'm ready for

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