Friday, March 6, 2015


     Even today couldn't have brought me down.  I got out for work, albeit wasn't in my vehicle at all.  My truck failed to start, it was zero or colder this morning and my truck just would not turn over. I had to put Willow back inside, even after she had leaped up into the truck herself.  I rode with dad to work, left him and drove his truck the rest of the truck the rest of the way to the clinic.  I pulled in right behind Shelby so I know it was all good.  It was a quiet yet fun day at the clinic.  Not much going on we got to talk for quite a while, between what few clients we had and lunch break it wasn't busy.  Then when we hit lunch break I was done for the weekend.  It was pretty good.  
     Even if I had a few issues getting grandma for lunch at Giovanni's.  First it started as couldn't pull into her drive, still too snow covered.  So I parked across the road, and walked through ankle deep water and slush and crossed to the cleared sidewalk.  Then got her up to her place and coated up and back down.  Then I left her at the end of the sidewalk and had her wait there while I got the truck and parked right on the road so she could get in.  First I forgot you can't open the passenger's side from the outside. So back around the truck I went, climbed in and opened the door, then back around to help grandma in, put her walker in the bed, then driver's side door had locked its self.  So I had grandma reach over, shut the truck off, roll her window down and hand me the keys, then back around again to the driver's side got in and we left for Giovanni's.  This time when I stopped by the door to let her out since there was no close up parking I rolled the driver's side down, and told grandma to just let them know I was parking the truck.  I parked rolled up the window and we enjoyed a wonderful lunch.  I showed her pictures on my phone both of Barry and baby Emily and of dad and his redneck snow plow.  We both ate a LOT.  We were stuffed.  So while she was paying for lunch-as she insisted- I went and got the truck.  Used one of my sneakers to prop the passenger's side door open, and had the driver's side window rolled down.  Got her up in the truck and drove her back home.  On the way home she asked me how were we going to get her out safely.  Well I flat out said I'll pull up to the sidewalk and let her out like we did before.   She was worried about the traffic.  I said there was two lanes they could go around me.  Then she proceded to say I couldn't do that, I retorted Just watch me.  Dad insisted that, that should have left no doubt in her mind that I am my father's kid.  I'm a Vandiver through and through.  It was a great afternoon.  Then I stayed at Masco until dad got out and came home.  
     Got home and Willow was very happy to see me.  I grabbed a jug of water and had Willow follow me out to the pasture.  She ran around and went poddy while I was feeding and watering the bunnies and then we ran around a little longer through the yard and snow.  I wore her down quite a bit and then we came in and played, got her to just lay in my lap and cuddle for a while.  Tomorrow I shall go up and see how Heidi's doing and we'll tack up and see if she gets snotty again after a ride or if she coughs me out of the saddle.  Then at some point I fully intend to tack Mary up, it might wait for next weekend while it's nicer.  Sunday I'm going to try to ride again as long as Heidi does good on Saturday.  If not I'll walk her and Una up and free lunge in the arena just to get Una used to going up there.  I do at some point have to get a set of polo's out for Mary and get the stirrup leathers and irons on that saddle.  Anyway, it's after 10 I need to go to bed.  First get Willow out to pee.  

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