Saturday, March 21, 2015

Peace of Mind

     Peace is coming, I know it is.  A few touches with irritation, awe and confusion are set to follow.  Well probably a few others as well as I am going to try to touch bases in quite a few other places.  
     Well after not sleeping worth a crap most of the week, last night I actually slept pretty good after getting my diffuser running again.  I haven't had it running for a while, mostly because I was always so wore down and tired and part of it was because I just want to keep pushing to see what is aggravating my sinus' and what can pull the pain and pressure out to let me sleep good.  Last night, after my shower I used my Flonase nasal spray and then doTERRA Breathe rubbed behind my ears, my nostrils and in my diffuser and I slept pretty good.  So maybe try it again tonight so I can sleep well again and get another night's rest.  This month's doTERRA order has to be small.  I'm still waiting on that winning lotto ticket to clear me out of my debts and allow me to become a good consultant.  I know I can do this, I just have to do it.   So far no other job leads have come out to a new job.  
     I have a very minimal tax return coming back, it'll be enough to pay off a few things but not much at all.  I had hoped it would have been higher so I could just order my plane tickets 
     I'm in awe, Amber should be in KY by now.  She'll be staying at Brookledge's hub for the night in a stall and they'll load her up on a smaller truck and bring her to Tamarack tomorrow morning.  I'm kind of glad that Kylie has trusted me to take good care of her baby while she keeps going with Gus and Rayna in NY before she moves down.   I'll be going up in the morning to greet her and probably bring her into the barn and groom her down and then take some pictures.  I have a lot of thinking to do while I am out in the paddock with her.  Part of it is paying board. I know Kylie said her mom would cover her board for at least a little while, but Sandy kept telling me that she was just dumping Amber on me and didn't care and that she was going to leave her on me to deal with even knowing I can't pay for her.  I kept telling her that Kylie was different, she wouldn't leave me hanging she wouldn't do that to me or Amber.  Feet, dewormer and shots, yeah sure I can handle those.  If Perry doesn't want to buy the extra spring shots for me I'll get them at work.  I don't care anymore- Perry couldn't say a damn thing to me about it, and Sandy kept going on and on about it.  To the point of wanting to figure out how to pay Heidi's board myself so I don't have to try and work a majority of it off.  I'm tired of dealing with the crap.  I hear so much drama at the barn and I'm not enjoying being pushed around like I am.  Eventually I need to do $400 a month for two pasture boards.  
     Personally, if Perry's *THAT* worried he should put some of the other non-paying boarders out as pasture horses, and take them out of stalls to lighten the load work up off the boys and get paying boarders in, instead.  According to Sandy Perry can't afford anymore 'freeloaders' it's running him under.  Ones like Una and Thor who's owners don't pay at all.  Then there's ones like John and a couple others that don't pay the full price because they've been there so long already.  It's so confusing.  Which one is right?  Which person is more intune with what's going on?   I know I need find a new job so I can take over paying Amber's board.  I'm also considering checking out a few other boarding barns around as well.  There was a barn Shana had been telling me about, if she'll go visit with me I'd like to check it out.  Shana's getting irritable with Hope keep getting her ass kicked by Fortune at night and they won't move or deal with Fortune, just move Hope out of the paddock and put her out with Desi and Trance.  Eventually Fortune is going to piss off the wrong mare of mine and she's going to get her ass kicked and then they'll toss me out instead since my mares are aggressive.  I have the faint idea that this is where that is going.  
     I kind of feel, between Boonesboro A.C., Nestle and the barn I feel like it's all blending together.  So much crap.  I never know what to do anymore.  Time to go to bed.  

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