Friday, March 20, 2015


     Well life and the world in general is looking up.  It's been totally strange the way everything, especially my mood, has perked up.  Between doTERRA, Amber and Kylie's moving down here it's just perked me up something fierce and even Willow has been working really well.  
     Rabbits were also a perk.  Even though one out of five does gave me a litter- I had a single Chin baby out of that litter.  A mismarked Chin, but still a Chin none the less.  The whole litter is a disaster.  I intend to sell all of them and keep just Juliet.  Romeo will go up for sale as well as the litter.  I will keep just the 6.  Juliet, Natalie, Connie, Raven and Eclipse alongside a blue buck which I still have to find.  While I love the idea of keeping my dutch going.  I'm going to do it on a minimal scale.  Blue and steels only.  
     Willow has been training so well.  I think she would have been ready for the April show had I mailed the AKC paperwork out when I was first going to.  She's starting to work better.  I'm going to try and pick up a set of the cones myself and if Jim gets a copy of the signs I'll print a second copy for myself and keep working here at home.  I think the two of us will be working good by the May show.  May, then one in June and one in July should hopefully put us ready for the Bluegrass Classic later on this fall.  It's just so exciting to actually get to do this as we go on.  Showing Willow is a dream coming true. 
     Horses.  Yes a pluralized it for a reason.  Kylie has entrusted me with Amber's care until she gets here in October.  I can't believe it I have dreamed of having her and Amber around to help guide me through this english riding thing.  In my core I'm a western rider, I'm still worried I am not good enough for Amber.  Amber will be here this weekend and by Monday I will be up on her.  I'm not even nervous or scared like I was with Mary.  Mary I was petrified to get on, and with Amber I have no fears.  I wouldn't have any fear with Mary now but Mary's not really overweight she doesn't *need* the exercise.  It's Una that really needs the work to make her drop some weight.  I'll be working Amber most of the week, Una and Heidi on the off days.  Plus add any of the other horses onto the grooming list of horses to take care of.  Mary and Una's mane's I'm going to pull instead of letting Sandy cut them with scissors.  TC, Bootsie she can cut with scissors.  
     The doTERRA has really been helping.  Even just taking the vitamins twice a day, instead of the recommended four times a day as proven to be helpful.  My next order has to stay small unless my tax return(which was a measly $490) comes in prior to the order. 
     Anyway, I need my excitment to wear down, I need to get at least one more decent nights sleep.  It's going to be a long day tomorrow, especially if I wait around for Amber to show up at the barn.  It'll be a good day to bathe, pull mane's and groom.  

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