Saturday, March 14, 2015

Breathtaking Times

     It's been a few really awesome days.  A lot of me is still in awe at things going on and how well life is going.  A lot of things are going great.  I might jabber a bunch more on as the post goes on.
     I'll start with the dogs. Friday was a dog show.  I had wanted to enter but I knew darn good and well, big show I was NOT ready.  Of coarse I still could have entered had I actually gotten her AKC number and was ready that way to enter.  I just now got the pictures done- only need to print them now- and I'll get it printed at Walmart tomorrow as well as print them here at home so they are ready to go.  I'll have the PAL filled out and ready.  Monday it gets post marked. I am so ready to get her entered in a show and give it a wing.  Tinks and Lisa did awesome.  Just like I prayed they would.  I knew they would do really well.  Tinks adores Lisa so much and Lisa's just a great teacher.  I'm actually glad that she's my teacher.  I know I still need to get Willow working more and we are.  She's still young and excitable.
     Then some really big news.  Kylie has offered to ship Amber down a year early.  She'll be in my name but she's going to cover her board until she gets down here and I'm going to try and work Amber back into condition.  Next spring when she moves down she'll evaluate where Amber and I stand and if we're doing good, I'll do what I can to take over Amber under her supervision and tutelage and with any luck I'll be either in a higher paying job or have moved up to be able to afford to keep both mares and show Amber.  Heidi's started to get ring sour and I'm at a standstill with her due to my lack of knowledge and her lack of knowledge.  Hopefully after I start working Amber I'll gain a little more and then I can add more to what Heidi knows.  For now I'm going to keep riding Heidi but I'm going to keep trying to catch a trail ride group and get out for a trail ride.   I'm so excited, and yet so terrified at the same time.  I just fear that Amber and I won't work well together anymore.  I was perfectly fine on her in NY, so she'll get a few days down time after she gets here to settle in and then it'll be after work, work out sessions.
     With the addition of a horse I know and trust it'll mean cutting back off the rabbits.  I barely spend anytime out with them now, why would this be any different now?  I'm going to watch Juliet's litter for a Chin baby to keep as a pet and then move the rest of them on.  Romeo and Juliet will go, Chloe and Blue's son will go and I'll just be keeping Connie, Natalie, Raven, Eclipse and a Chin.  Then one last buck for breeding in the future. The Chinchilla will be strictly a pet, weather or not it's Juliet remains to be seen.   The buck will be a good looking blue buck.  Strictly 6.  I'll keep all the cages I have now, I am going to do repair work on them this year and that leaves me extra cages for when/if Kylie gets bunnies after getting down here, or I have to do rescue's after Easter.
     Anyway, I need to get myself in bed.  I know darn good and well I have so many things to do tomorrow that it's not even amusing anymore.  So much to do, so little time!

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