Monday, September 1, 2014


     The weekend was interesting.  It's been raining off and on all weekend.  So much for going out horseback riding this weekend.  I really wanted to more as a birthday to myself than anything else.  Heidi makes me happy and that's about it.  I can tell she's miserable so I need to figure out how to get her some where that she's got a friend, I think she's lonely.  She probably misses Misty.  I miss Misty as well.  I really do wish I could make more money and make moving Heidi back to Tamarack much easier.  It will be easier to put her back there for the winter than to deal with bringing hay in and trying to make sure I keep enough hay out since I can only feed in the evenings and it's just not fair to her to have to go without for so long waiting on me.  Sometimes I just feel like I'm not being fair to her, like I need to do more for her and with her.
     Today I had a short span that I knew the weather was going to be decent, and I chose to go out on the boat.  It was relaxing getting out on the boat, I had the camera out again until the battery ran dead, which was but a few minutes before it started pouring.  We got wet one way or another!  We had our swim suits in case we chose to go swimming.  Got home and I'm too chilly to now tack up and ride.  I do have to wait until at least 6pm to go out and feed tonight as I have to load up the kittens for the night to get fixed tomorrow. 
     I've gone through my rabbits again.  I keep telling myself I have to get fewer of them.  Penelope should be coming down Thanksgiving and Iria and the Hooper Steel buck should be going northward.  So I'm looking right now at Connie, Natalie, Marcie, Penelope, Raven, Hermione, Zachary, and the little chin buck.  Speedle will make 9 rabbits.  As much as I know that the little steel buck is a nice little buck, I still much prefer the gray buck Zachary.  
     I still want a dog, I can't get the one dog from the rescue page out of my head.  She's a gorgeous dog and I would love to work with her.  I know by rights I shouldn't do it, plus the costs of finding transport for her to Kentucky when she's in Arkansas- 11 hours away.  I know it's wrong.  Maybe she will still be available when I do have the money for the transport.  
     She's a gorgeous dog.  "Gracie is a 4 or 5 year old red merle girl with a docked tail. She is an average size Aussie and weighs about 45 lbs. She is a very sweet, but also very shy girl. She follows her foster mom around the house but is afraid to approach her directly. She will come up from behind her foster mom and put her head in her lap, looking for petting. When her foster mom goes for walks, Gracie will not usually play with the other dogs; instead she walks just behind her foster mom, but will leap away if her mom tries to pet her. She is also very afraid of men. When she relaxes enough to be petted, she almost seems to melt with pleasure. She seems to really want to be someone's dog, but is afraid. She seems completely submissive to people, and has never acted aggressively. She was rescued from a neglectful breeder, and has not had a lot of socialization.
     Gracie is housetrained and settles well in the house. She is good with cats and male and female dogs, and seems to be a submissive female. She is fairly calm overall, but does like to play with another Aussie in her foster home. She is living with several other dogs in her foster home and gets along with everyone. She is living with school-aged children in her foster home and has done well with them. Gracie is moderate energy, but loves her daily walks with her foster mom. She needs a home that is willing to be patient with her and help her develop confidence that people can be trusted. She has a very sweet temperament; she just needs the right home to help her show that side of her to them."  I think part of it is that I've always wanted a dog for a long time and I chose Aussie's because I LOVE the red merle color and not quite as much hair as the shelties.  
     Maybe one day this winter I can start to inquire about transports and then see about adoption fees.  Hopefully she'll still be available.  

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