Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jumbled up Brain

     There are still times that I just simply don't know what to do.  Part of me still wants to keep trying some with my rabbits.  As much as I love the Chin's I just don't have the chance to really develop them and work with them.  I might have to let my Chins go completely.  I think I'm going to let Iria go as well.  I'm looking right now at keeping her son, who is a chin carrier, but he's a decent looking buck and I might try to find a different chin doe later on down the road if I choose to keep going.  Looks like the steel buck will be going to a different home in the long run as well.  I really only need to keep two bucks.  I don't need 2 does to 1 buck or else I'd have kept the Blue Barn steel buck.  I don't know it's all running around my head like I'm insane.  What do I do?  I don't know yet.  I have to sit out there and actually think about it.  I just really need to sit and think about it without something else interrupting me.  Maybe a couple hours on Thursday.
     Heidi's still a tender spot for me too.  When I keep thinking about budgeting, there really is no room for a horse in it.  I can't bear to part with her.  I've been that way with so many other things.  I can't bear to do this or that.  But I SERIOUSLY need to put a lot more thought in it.  I really love Heidi, but I don't spend as much time with her as I really should!  That or my choice will have to resort to something of balancing better.  I think after Heidi I may not get another horse, I don't know for sure it'll depend on what's going on in my life, what I'm doing and how well I'm getting paid and everything else.  
     We got this dog in at the clinic.  Owner turn over had been hit by a car.  She's a blue merle, sorta, Aussie x Heeler cross with a docked tail.  She's been an absolute sweet heart.  Doesn't top the Red Merle that's in Arkansas but I'm partly hoping the shelter finds her a home once she gets up and going, if not it'll be really hard for me to not take her myself.  I really want to.  She loves to cuddle.  That could very well change when she heals up.  She was x-rayed today, I held her for those.  She never offered a growl, snarl, whine or whimper.  She's been one tough cookie these past two days at the clinic. I still really want a dog of my own.  Gracie is still on my mind and even though I found a closer rescue they don't have one that has the same draw that Gracie does.
     Well things at home have been quiet.  Just keep rolling on and keep going really.  Now if everything can finish as planned.  Even if it's in my dreams so be it.  I just want everything to settle so I can afford to get everything where it needs to go.  

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