Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Onward and Upward

     I had a great stab of courage today.  I've mentally set myself to get on Amber this weekend.  Her feet are just like I had feared.  Flattened out and a bit too long in toe and low in heel.  Dave trimmed them yesterday and he did do a fairly good job.  Michael at least gave me a game plan to start getting them back into shape.  For the short term Amber will be on a 4 week trim schedule and when Heidi and her come due again we will re-evaluate where they are and if we need to keep her at 4 weeks a little longer.  We both agreed they were no where near as long and low as Phoenix's were at one point, but he rounded the ends enough so that she shouldn't trip, especially if I keep it slower.  No cantering or jumping just yet.  Which is okay with me, I won't be doing any of that for a little while yet anyway.  First is walk/trot and working together.  
     There was a no go on any of the other jobs.  At least so far.  It's rather depressing and I know I have to keep my chin up and just keep at it.  I will find something else, I have just got to.  
     Thinking of things, I still have my doTERRA class to get set up and completely ready to roll over Rolex weekend.  Barb and Cathryn will be here to teach the class and apparently we can't hold it at the Library.  So I'm back to square one to finding a place to hold it.  It's can't be too far off the path of Winchester and maybe I can find something just talking at work.  Though I don't talk much about it at work because of the fact I've heard too much bad about oils through them.  So still on the hunt for the better job! 
     Now onto friendships.  This is where it's been painful too much.  Now I'm sitting as Lisa and Kylie are my two best friends.  Lisa because she's the closest thing I have inside my family that understands me.  Yes so what, so she's old enough to be my mother(in fact she's the same age as my mom).  No Kylie has nothing to do with Amber it has everything to do with how the two of us kinda only have each other.  Soon we'll have each other again and to heck with the rest of them.  Rachel, Michelle and Sandy are all lumped together into a much more friendly acquaintances than close friends anymore.  
     Well here comes a 3 day marathon at work.  Then Saturday is off for dog show if Jim's not going with Lisa, if he is, I'm going to stay home and spend some time with Aunt Sheri and Allen while they are here and I'll do what I can to work Willow in the yard if it's not overly squishy, if it is I might have to take a short trip up to Lowes or Tractor Supply to do some work.   

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