Sunday, October 6, 2013

Not sure what to think or do

      Well I knew today was going to be ugly weather at some point, but after all my running around errands were done I went ahead and put Heidi's saddle on and got some trotting work done.  She needs the exercise to help build her stamina and fitness before we really get working this winter.  She was good, she was learning some more lunging etiquette. 

     She was fabulous other than the first 10 minutes or so where she almost ripped my arms out of their sockets.  I had brought the short dressage whip back with me this time and I use that to tap my boot so she can hear it.  For a while she kept bolting but eventually calmed down, she's got a very nice big uphill canter! 
     With any luck I can start selling down some of the rabbits as Court Days comes up and cut them down and out!  I can't wait!  Soon, Soon.  It's exciting!  I can't wait to get my rabbit back down to a controllable number.  It'll be nice to have just a few of them.  I'll probably have to.
     On to some more disturbing news, Jess and Patty were kicked out of Lori's house.  Patty's perfectly fine going to live with her folks but Jess does not want to.   so In 2 weeks Dad and I are going to go up and pick her and her stuff up.  Well actually I guess it's just dad, he'll need the second seat to put Jess and Ayden in.  Jess will have to get a job VERY quickly and get a place of her own even if Ayden has to stay here with me.  It'll be a LOT of extra stress on both dad and myself with our two paychecks having to support all 4 of us.  She'll need to use the car until she can get her own.  So very frustrating. 

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