Thursday, October 31, 2013

End of the Month

     It's just a random end of the month rambling for me. Nothing's gotten better yet, and at times I swear it's just getting worse.  Heidi's just as badly itchy as she's been all summer.  Hope failed to take to Corbin so no Tort litter, Terra didn't take to Count so no Chocolates, but Terra was rebred and I still have Marie due to Count for a chocolate litter.  At least Marcie gave me a blue litter. 
     It was a fail with Heidi on the gullet change, plus bit change. I'm hoping going to Tamarack helps.  It'll mean no more grain, straight hay.  If that doesn't help I'll have to figure out how to go for full board, and get a prescription for the AniHist and get her back on that.  I am not ready or set up to do this, she needs a full blood panel done so maybe I can pinpoint her allergy.  Maybe next year.  I hate the idea of pulling out a loan to get her a blood panel.  Time for me to start pinching pennies so I can take lessons and have a trainer put a lesson or two a week on Heidi as well. 
     And I have to get Christmas past.  With any luck I can get a few things done.  It might mean working some over time to get everything past.  I'm going to have to take a deep and good look through my rabbits, see what I can and will get rid of and take my numbers down so moving out will be easier. 
     The last touch base is Jess and Ayden.  I don't know what happened but I slept with Ayden on the bed the other night and I slept so badly and had the worst sinus headache when I work up.  I think it's time to find a ear/nose/throat specialist and see what can be done.  I never had a problem with dogs before and I don't know why this has been so bad this time around.  I don't have an issue with Lisa's girls, granted they're shelties, and then Lady a Sheltie cross(probably beagle with the way she sounds!).  Well after two ugly nights at work, I had two so-so days off(I did get to ride a little bit- as depressing as it came out).  Now I'm settling down, watching movies and enjoying the remainder of my night before going back to Nestle.
     Time to get back to going after the job search.  I want and NEED to get away from Nestle.  I want something more interesting to do work wise. 

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