Friday, October 18, 2013

Long stop change.

     Well Honey found her forever home last Sunday, almost a week ago.  While part of me was sad to see such a sweet little mare go, I know it was for the better.  She needed someone that could spend the time with her and other horses that wouldn't beat her up. 

     Her hock looked awesome by the time she found her home.  She was still completely sound and everything. 
     She has such a sweet face.  Heidi was being ugly with her and with Honey gone Heidi has settled back down
     After the long horrid work week that we've had if felt good to get out and just groom Heidi and Phoenix this morning.  Heidi seriously enjoyed it, then she walked the field with me and Phoenix even ran towards us at one point.  So the rain we got the other day seems to have softened up the ground so he's not so gimpy!  Today marks 3 weeks until Heidi moves to Tamarack, and this weekend I will be working on getting her insurance coverage for the year that she's out(I may not need the full year but, it only comes in one year policies).  So then she'll be ready to go. 
     I do have a 'new' bit coming in for her.  It's a bit too pricey to buy one brand new but it's supposed to in a lightly used condition.  It's a Myler D-ring, so hopefully.   Myler's are supposed to be the best of the best out there.  I bought it used and it was still $51 dollars including shipping.  Hopefully it'll help.  By the time that it gets here my 5-day weekend will almost all over but I'm hoping to at least get out once and try it.  I'm hoping it helps!  Too expensive for that!! 
     The bunnies are moving the right direction, I have a few bred out to get rid of a few others. So hopefully I can get them done right!

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