Sunday, July 14, 2013

Random rambles

     Just some random ramblings of things going through my head.  I've been doing much thinking about a LOT of things.  I personally have fully decided- pending on my paycheck next weekend to go ahead with the human version of Spirulina wafers from Springtime and the doTerra oil Breathe- to control my allergies.  I'm ordering the doTerra tonight as I finish paying my one bill that I had this week to pay.  I do plan to order the Spirulina this coming weekend with next weeks paycheck and go from there.  With doTerra Breathe and Spirulina I can hopefully stay as natural as possible and have zero sinus issues. 
     I've been horribly bad about sexing my baby bunnies.  The only ones I've been screwing up were the New Zealands.  So I think Wednesday when I go to Lexington to do the bunny swap and pick up Lisa's New Zealand buck, a couple of dutch babies and trade out a couple of dutch babies I should be fine.  I can't understand what's going on with them.  Terra popped sick- like a snuffles sick, after kindling and one of her babies I am seriously considering culling the sick baby.  I've never culled a sick baby bunny before.  Then Zelda is wheezing and I have no idea why.  I'm going to start both of them on PenG Shots and see what happens.  Hopefully I can pull both of them out of it.  I love both does VERY much. 
     I haven't done much of ANYTHING with the horses because it's been so hot.  They were both covered in sweat today it was just hot and humid. 

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