Tuesday, July 23, 2013


     I'm all jittery part of it is excitement for my vacation and my first return back to Argyle since I left September 25th, 2009; and part of it's I'm worried.  I hate leaving the rabbits and the horses behind.  I worry about what's going to happen, worse case scenario's, etc.  I need to worry less and enjoy the time.  I've got my 2 hole carrier going north, and 2 cat carriers to avoid bringing a big 4 hole carrier.  1 cat carrier has Penelope in it for Rachel, the other carrier has a dwarf pair for her. So the doe will most likely be bred by the time she gets up to NY- she'll be getting to my place Wednesday with the buck and staying with the buck until Friday when they get to Rachel's.  Oh well.  Unplanned babies but it gives the doe & buck a safe place to go with someone that will love and take care of them.  It's too hard to find pet homes down here for anything.  Aunt Lisa's going with straight New Zealand's I'm going with straight Dutch (though I do have an odd pair of Holland Lops still).  I'll have a trio of steel/steel carrier Dutch eventually-still working on a buck for them!  Bringing home a pair of chocolates so I can start to dabble in them slightly, but they'll remain at a trio(use another of my does with my black- Chocolate and tort carrier- to produce the 2nd doe). Until I actually pick up a great fondness for them.  For this moment I'd rather stay with my blues and torts, but just dabble a little with the chocolates.  Let's hope they're decent little rabbits.
     I'm starting to worry myself with getting yet another color to dabble in but if I keep them small in numbers like I am the steels I should be alright.  I'd LOVE to add a second Chinchilla doe to make them a trio but sadly I don't have the room unless I move a couple brood does out. I'm going to come home and go through my rabbits one more time and get things settled and then do a solid culling in the barn to get them going in a good direction. 
     Two more nights of work. I can make it- I think . . . I hope. 

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