Monday, July 29, 2013

Just an amazing couple of days.

It's been an amazing vacation so far!  I've loved every day so far- but it's going by way too fast! 
Friday/Saturday with Rachel and Michelle was awesome. 
     I got up to Argyle around 4:30 Friday afternoon.  I was beyond exhausted but we got the bunnies settled in up there, and ran to Fort Ann to visit her dad(who didn't bother to meet us) I started to get irritable so we went to the hotel and stayed at the Landmark for a girls night.  We got our bathing suits on, sat in the hot tub to start unwinding and then into the indoor pool(which was COLD at first!) for about an hour, then the Hot tub for the last 30 minutes they were open for the night.  Got back to our room, showered and goofed around until we all about passed out asleep. 
     So Saturday- my real 'day' with Michelle and Rachel we spent a few hours at a Baby shower for Rachel's sake.  I behaved amazingly  I'm not usually this well behaved, but for her I could do it!
      Then I stopped at Walkers, mainly to look for stuff for Heidi.  They shockingly didn't have much of anything for draft horses.  But I got her a new little tag for her bridle!
 A couple of random scenery shots on the way home.  It was on Route 43, that much I do remember, near Holmes Road.  I never did get a chance to stop by Trish's house.  I just plum ran out of time- seriously disappointed in that!  Needed way more hours in a day.
 After getting back into Argyle I stopped by Locust Grove Smokehouse for hotdogs(Jess and Dad) and I got a brick of cheese for Allen. 
 Then I stopped by to see Gena and the farm.  Man do I miss it there!  Old man Spudley is still there- almost as old as Phoenix but he's also a Morgan too.
 Eeyore and Dakota are still there, Dakota's got an amazing amount of gray on his head now and Eeyore just looks tired and older. 
 The old Farmhouse:
 Then a quick stop up by the Neighs to see them- They've had 2 more boys since we left.  Aleta(second oldest) wasn't home at the time but I got the rest of them.
 Our old house, Mom's Magnolia bush has REALLY grown!  They sold the trailer and it'll be moved out next week or little afterwards.  I got there just in the nick of time to see it again!
 Then back by Cindy's, had to see her one more time!  She's such a goof but I love her! 
 And the boys, Red and Chase.  Chase is older than Phoenix, he's 33 years old, Cindy's had him since he was 6 months old, Rachel has owned Red since he was 8 months old and I think he's around 8 now. 
 Keiffer was born there and he's a TB x Appy cross. He loves Michelle! 
 Cindy's not much of a picture person!
 I left Argyle and headed back to Aunt Sheri's back in East Greenbush.
I'll update tonight with Sunday.  But I was sad to see the sign as I left Argyle.  Argyle is HOME.  I have a newspaper so I can even attempt to look for some jobs again when I get home.

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