Sunday, November 2, 2014

Not Perfect

     So today was beyond interesting.  Gave me more insight to myself and where my priorities lay.  I actually felt good, other than sleepy while running my day out.  It felt amazingly good to not have Willow with me.  I keep telling myself that maybe a dog wasn't the right thing for me right now.  I have a super jealous horse, and still have a few rabbits left that need attention.  Heidi even turned her back to me a couple times already.  I feel guilty not spending time with Heidi.  I know once Willow gets out of this puppy stage  it'll be far easier to be able to leave her while I go to Heidi.  If I do have come down to a choice, Heidi was first.  I do love Willow very much, but she will also be far easier to rehome into a great home over Heidi.  Willow was a bit of a hasty decision, while a wonderful addition I didn't think a lot of things through.  I'm thinking them through now.  Better late than never.  Am I going to give up now?  No.  Not yet.  Unless apartment living proves to be bad for her.  I *am* going to keep moving ahead with the apartment choice.  It's what I need to move forward with my life.  
     On the flip side, Willow's learning in leaps and bounds.  I have found her favorite spot to poddy and she does tell me when she needs to go.  She's got more energy than I really want.  Again probably the puppy aspect of her life right now.  Hopefully she settles quickly.  I don't think I have the energy to keep up with a puppy right about now.  Maybe she was the wrong choice in breed.  Who knows.  I'm with it for the long haul right now.  Shortest lived buyers remorse hopefully. I know I had no regrets at all when I decided to buy Heidi.  I do wonder why I am having them with Willow.  Maybe I'm just not the kinda person to have a dog, I'm more of a horse person?  I just don't know.  
     Flipping channels once again, Heidi's been good actually.  I think I have pinned her itchiness down to Rice Bran.  I went to soaking the pellets to put the garlic and antihistamine's in and I haven't *Knock on wood* seen her itch since then.  I did however already pull her sheet out and she's had it on since Friday evening.  I'm going to take it off today though.  She just doesn't have the fur coat quite yet that she needed for snow.  She's ready to go back to Tamarack now to just get her a ride.  I'll call one of those numbers that Sandy gave me that can haul and hopefully it's not too expensive and we shall aim for Thursday this week.  I kinda can't wait for her to get back to Tamarack.  It's where she was happiest and this helps me with my idea of moving towards Winchester.  

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