Thursday, November 13, 2014


     I'm learning a few more things as I'm moving along, my introverted paths.   I am quite a solitary person I realized.  I never got around to calling the one apartment place but I will do it Saturday on  my way to the barn to see Heidi.  I hope this cold spell breaks by mid week next week I wasn't ready for this kind of cold as I'm sure a lot of folks weren't.  I know Heidi wasn't.  She wasn't fuzzy enough and was cold even with her rain sheet on so her midweight went on her. She was a lot more comfortable then.  
     Thinking of Heidi, I'm back to thinking neck threadworms on her and I'm going to put her on a rigorous deworming schedule and see if that works on putting the itchiness at bay.  Between the deworming schedule, spirulina, garlic and winter coming it should put it down into remission and come spring keep her on a strong deworming schedule should keep her from getting it back again.  It's not something that will ever go away, once they get them, they don't ever go away.  Misty might have gotten it off of Heidi.  The larvae migrate down to the ventral area- thus making them itchy and then a fly bites the larvae of infected horse, then bits an unaffected horse giving it to them- ie Misty.  Dang it.  Worst of all is there's no real way of knowing and no way of getting rid of it completely.  
     Just keeping up with the whole disaster of change, Willow's changed food again as well.  I was mixing her original food with Blue Buffalo puppy and she kept trying to eat Ayden's, so I picked up the Puppy version of Ayden's and she wolfed it down.  So Hill's Ideal Balance is her food.  I'll pick up the adult version next May when she hits a year old and then pick up the buy 10 bags get one free series.  Yeah it'll take a couple years to get the free bag since it has to be the bigger bag.  

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