Saturday, June 22, 2013


     Well lots of mental musing been running rampant lately.  I've got several strains for the rabbits, a couple on the horses and then just life in general.  We'll start with some of the rabbits.  Had another bout with the little ass down in Lexington over my Holland lops, so he's been deleted, blocked and banned from anything to do with my world.  He contacts me, it'll just be deleted.  I'm done, but it also makes me done with Holland lops as well. Legacy and one of her buck babies( maybe two if Rach/Cin want one) will be going north with me in less than 5 weeks.  I'm still toying the idea of keeping Cinnamon in Legacy's stead and another of Legacy's daughters with Oliver to breed with Speedle.  I'm not sure if I want to do that or not just yet.  I'll be waiting another couple weeks to fully make that choice.  If I chose to not keep Cinnamon then she'll go to Cindy as well.  I'd rather her be there, and safe than being sold down here.  I'll have her posted for sale, but her price is set at a good price and it's firm.  I'm done being the nice person now. 
     The second strain is tort dutch!  Della had her litter to Colby.  Colby's still going downhill still will not pick up weight but I'm now no where near as worried.  I'm still using him as a buck only because I haven't picked up my new bucks yet.  Once I have, that'll mark his end.  I am getting one from Buckeye Hollow Farm, and I'm supposed to be getting one from Dutch by Design when I go north.  Thinking of going north- Car is reserved!  I'm gearing up and I'm ready.  Right now I'm trying to set my plans in stone as to when I'm leaving, and where I'm going first when we get there.  Now to make sure I have enough travel water bottles and food dishes for the traveling bunnies to eat and drink. 
     Anyway, it's time to get ready for work.  I'll try to update more after work tonight, edit this and add more.  
     Okay, I'm back, after work that is.  Work was interesting tonight, had too much fun, got wired high on sugar but now I'm starting to crash down.  I'm really enjoying keeping so much many things rummaging around in my head, gives me something new to think about whenever I get a chance!  Anyway.  Back onto the initial musings.  Horses.  I can still tell, physically where Phoenix is starting to drag down.  He's slowing down, he's still not picking up weight like he should be, nor holding it very well at all.  I'm hoping that soon I'll have a good boarding barn to work with and I can get Heidi moved.  I'm hoping to try to go for an evening ride on her tomorrow after the sun goes behind the hills- crossing my fingers on that one!  We'll see how the bug situation holds out.  I'm going to bring them back to my field for a couple of days or even just tomorrow so give the other field a break. 
     Well I'll try to get into my other musing again tomorrow, I'm starting to fall asleep sitting here, I came crashing down after my sugar high for a few hours.  At least it held a few hours!  Made the night go by soo much faster!  I've got enough strains of thought going that hopefully I can shut my brain down and sleep here shortly.  So much planned for tomorrow, so little time!

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