Sunday, May 19, 2013

The long road

The ponies were hot.

 The grass is SUPER deep  in the yard.  That's a 90 Gallon garbage can.  The ponies have been attempting to graze it down but it's just too much and much, much, much too deep.
 But with the house being hit now by the banker's to be auctioned, I have to pull my ponies off of that field since I don't want them sold with the house and I had to bring them back to my pasture.  Hopefully my pasture can hold them until I hear who buys the house on June 1st, then I'll know what I've got to do.  If it's someone that will let me put the horses back- then I will continue to graze them over there, if not, I'll have to find someone to put Phoenix to rest and I'll keep Heidi solo for a while.

The last few clips of the field after we took the water tub out:

     I'm going to miss having this big field for the ponies to romp round, but I'm sure I'll find a place to board Heidi nearby that I can afford and we'll be happy together. 
     I also have the Bug-Off Garlic from Springtime coming in for Heidi. I mean the bugs are getting Phoenix fairly badly but I can get him a fly sheet or just keep the swat on him but if I plan on riding Heidi I can't have the fly spray or swat wearing off that quickly. 
     Bunny update!
     I put Colby onto a tablespoon of pumpkin daily and he LOVES it.  No more calf manna(though I'm still giving some to Eliot who doesn't like the pumpkin and for Pipsqueak).  Sassy did get bred for Carla this time to Moe, now hopefully she takes!  I've also decided to sell out my New Zealands and Holland lops.  I'm just ready to focus down and get everything under control.  Especially with Colby and Pipsqueak.  

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