Sunday, May 26, 2013

Some good, some not so good

     Well we'll start with the not so good.  I have had several GORGEOUS days that I should have been out riding but I first need to get Heidi's feet done, and I haven't actually had time to!  I just wish I had more time in the day.  When I could have been riding on Friday no one was home so I didn't want to ride while no one was home in case of an accident.  Then Saturday I spent the day with my two aunts, Lisa and Cathryn, since Cathryn left this morning.  Then today, just lacked motivation, had to go to multiple places and now I'm just relaxing.  I've got several things that I'm starting to go through in my mind.
     Now for the good!
     I've got my plans for going back to NY.  It'll be late July- yes I'll miss the graduation itself, but I cannot take that much time off of work at once.  Dad will have to feed and water the bunnies and horses while I am gone, but it shouldn't be that bad, I plan to only have the one type of feed and it shouldn't be hard to deal with.  Mom will be driving northward with me.  We'll be staying with Aunt Sheri and Uncle Dennis in East Greenbush.  I'll spend 2 days in Argyle, 1 day down in Saugerties with Kylie and one day in East Greenbush.  My camera will get a heck of a workout those 4 days.  Hopefully I can get everything I want to done in those couple days in Argyle.  I cannot wait to see Cin, Mich, Kylie, Rae and Debbie again!  I cannot wait to meet John and Amber too!  Maybe one day sooner I'll be able to do it again.  I'll be bringing 4 rabbit northward,  a pair of steels for Rachel, Legacy for Cindy and Cinny for Kylie.  I should be bringing home a pair of tort Dutch from Dutch by Design and MAYBE a blue buck if we can get one. 
     I've got mental renovation plans for the barn, to build my new cages, now to write it all down and out so I know how much I need in materials.  I figure if I start putting $20 a week separate to put towards my cage renovations, I should be able to get them done by the end of summer.  I'll have it down to just a trio of Holland Lops (Speedle, Faith and a Legacy x Oliver baby) If Faith stops acting all funny she'll be around.  Then as the shuffle begins I'll get the rabbits all resituated and then consolidate and get everything where I want them!    This will be the most interesting. 
     And of coarse have to leave you with a few pictures! 
Bevis(year and a half ish), Ben(almost a year) and Norman(9 weeks):

Phoenix and Heidi:

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