Monday, January 21, 2013

Little vote for everything

I started the day today wondering about the bone density of my blue dutch- well all my dutch in general.  So I did the hock checks on the blues, and Connie before I froze myself enough for one day.  My biggest two to check was Leo versus Raf. 
Rafik first:
Nice and widely set apart, plus straight! 
Leonardo next:
Not as wide and not quite as straight, hopefully that changes as he fills out upon coming of age.
Here's face shots of the bucks side by side(Leo on the left, Raf on the right):
 Raf's the far superior rabbit but it's hard to tell exactly what Leo's going to do when he turns senior and fills out.  He won't ever beat Raf in markings but I'm okay with that. 
I did manage to do face shots too,  out of all my dutch bucks (Seniors only here) Colby *still* has the best head in the barn.  Though Raf and Syd are tied for second!  Dalton's got a nice little head coming on though, despite his tiny size.  I just hope he grows some more and learns to behave!  The little shit head will not survive if he doesn't quite that spraying.  Not a fan of sprayers! 
Colby and Dalton side by side- Colby's the full sized one! 
Moving on to the horses, I've started to clip Heidi to the fence while they eat.  Makes her learn to stand tied as the post is cemented in and gives Phoenix the time he needs to eat in peace without her trying to sneak in and lick up the feed Phoenix drops.  So this afternoon-despite the REALLY cold wind I took her on lead and we walked around the back side of the pasture while Pheonix finished.  
I did a few quick pictures of Pheonix yesterday evening when I swapped him to his heavy blanket off his midweight because I *knew* the temps were going to drop.  It seems the Fat Cat suppliment is doing it's job, he's looking better.  I know it's prolonging him, keeping him heavy on probiotics and eventually I will have to face the fact that he's got a tumor/mass but I'm not ready to face that just yet.
Then of Heidi this evening on our walk around the feild, she followed me around, and eventually I took the lead off to see if she'd stay following me if I stopped or turned- she DID!! 

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