Saturday, January 26, 2013

Finally some warmth!

It finally warmed up enough for me to go out and actually pull the blankets off both the horses. 
While they ate supper I put Phoenix's medium weight blanket back on him since I firmly believe it was Heidi that took his heavy Turtle Neck off the rail and pulled it apart playing with it.
I knew I had to replace it as it was wore out- but I hadn't intended to do it this way!!
I took the drive up to Alexandria with my truck today and picked up 240#'s of Nutrena Rabbit feed and a 50# bag of Phoenix's senior feed since it was $3 a bag cheaper from the dealer than it is at Tractor Supply. 
Put a lot more thought into my rabbits on the drive, since it's 2 hours each way to Alexandria, and I'm contemplating getting rid of a few more of them and pulling my numbers way down- now to actually pick the ones that I want to cut completely out.  


  1. If Legacy needs a home you can bring her to me when you visit this summer Hehe

  2. Remember I am flying up! Legacy will probably be one that does stay- most likely. I've spoiled her toooo much and she's a little brat. I'm considering cutting more of the dutch and possibly the mini rex as well