Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Rabbitry update

     Well as a couple people know I've had some rougher times with the rabbits, and followed by name callers and a youth that was positively a prime mess.  I've decided to change my focus just enough to call for some major changes in the barn. Instead of right now where my dutch are focused on Steel and blue with black, tort and grays as the minors, I'm moving Torts back to a main focus and pushing steels to a minor only because of the genetics.  I want to learn coat color genetics and Steels are by far the worst ones to learn with- as I've been told.
     So A few of my steels will go out this spring and depending on Penelope's showing in March it'll be her or her mother that goes.  I do plan to keep a 5 or 6 some of the steel/gray/blacks with two of them being bucks.  The bucks are Tigger and Syd, for does, Natalie, Connie, Penelope or Anna and possibly Zoey or Bethany(depending on if I ever get that trade together where Bethany is swapping for a tort doe). 
     With them moving out I'll leave myself room to add approximately 3 tort does on top of the tort doe I have presently.  The two tort bucks I have currently, Colby and Dalton, Colby will stay, I've loved him since he was a baby.  Dalton on the other hand is only half pedigreed, if he can show well on the table he can stay if he doesn't well, he goes.  I'm not going to mess around at all with him due to the lack of mother's pedigree.  I'll be keeping my eyes out for a fully pedigreed tort buck, but I can also use Syd (my gray) with the tort so long as I watch for Golds.  Syd is out of a tort doe and has thrown torts in the past.  Any does or bucks that I buy in will have to be as unrelated as possible so it's going to mean bringing one in from different breeders.
     I've got a few breeders in mind right now and hopefully by this coming fall have as strong a tort herd as I do a blue herd and still have my beauties- the steels. 


  1. What does a gold dutch look like? Thats sounds really pretty!! Who was name calling? I'll beat 'em up! Hehe

  2. I'll have to get a Gold baby picture up, I did have some at one point, I know I did, they were Syd's kids from a couple years ago. Maybe give it a wing again with that kind of cross looking for Golds again.

    Wasn't calling me names but gave all of us good rabbit breeders a headache. Had he called me names- I'd have flattened him myself. I'm not afraid of little punk teens that have no manners.