Monday, June 29, 2015


     Well I've been doing a LOT of dreaming lately.  Yes I know you gotta play to win when it comes to the lotto but I shall continue to dream anyway.  I got so many dreams and so many wants and desires.  
     One of my dreams is to be debt free.  I can't wait to be debt free.  So many things to have to pay off and so little pay. When the debts are paid off(which right now will take a LONG time) I can actually enjoy things again.  I think even if I ever own the lotto, I'd still go into an apartment.  A decent sized apartment and I'd get my second puppy.  Having it shipped in would be seriously expensive to start with.  I'd make sure my car was sound and probably donate it to a good cause, and then look at a newer car for myself. Something comfortable enough for me, another human and both dogs in the backseat.  I know first thing to be done with a lotto winning- half goes into a savings or CD or something to be able to live off of.  Then second thing I would do would be to put 1/3 of what's left into an account to set aside for my horses.  Get them moved onto Full board and leave them at Tamarack.  There, done happy and set with them.  
     I've got some good training sessions on Willow.  I'd really like to have classes and see if that can counter balance where I've been lacking in her training.  I'm hoping to get her Rally novice title this coming weekend.  Then there's a beginning of August in Louisville that I'm thinking of starting Obedience A in.  Then from there it's all training for Bluegrass Classic at the end of the August.  I'm not sure if I want to swing back into Rally then or keep at the Obedience.  
     Who knows, I intend to keep my dreams livid and chin up.  Keep trying to live my life and my dreams!

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