Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New ambitions for the Year

 This year started with a twist- Tessa came home again.  So things have changed in my life and I have no real direction in which I am heading. I have a few goals but right now no real set in stone plane.  Right now I am winging a few things.

After I got Tessa home I tried Heidi's saddle on her and I had a few people tell me that she was just too short for me to ride.  Michael even told me she would be fine, she just has a stronger but shorter back- the short back was one of the things that people had gotten into my head that got me to sell her to begin with.  Then I got to thinking and Kylie got me to remember Daisy (The buckskin paint) that I used to ride in College.  She was smaller than Tessa and just as short in back and we were fine.  In fact I want to eventually do the same things with Tessa that I did with Daisy.  I also want to get Heidi that far as well.  Being able to ride in just a rope halter is fantastic, I used to do it with Phoenix but he had YEARS of saddle and showing so a halter was just a halter.  
Someday I want to have the connection with Tessa that I used to have with Daisy.  I also want to get Heidi to that point as well.  It will mean time, I need to put the time and effort into them both.  

Even Michael's saddle goes as far back as mine did, granted it won't have the weight on it that my saddle will carry which is why I have to lose weight.  Plus add that to look at my figure on Daisy versus my fat ugly self on Tessa.  Also the guy that had bought Tessa, Joey, his saddle goes that far back as well, still not as heavy as I am but again, I have to get this worked on.  I am working on it.

I know a lot of what has to happen and even Pastor Lee wants me to get back to Winchester.  I am trying, but now it's more of a matter of getting two horses to boarding.  I don't know what kind of rent I would need for an apartment but I am not getting rid of either mare at this point.  Tessa is more down to earth and a very good ground where Heidi really, honestly, needs to be sent for some serious training whenever I get the money to do so.  I wish I could afford to board them both so I could have access to the arena and round pens.  

Rabbits are on their way out.  I have two of the 3 Velveteen Lops going this weekend, down point though is she wants the JR doe and the Sr buck.  The Sr doe is pregnant, she palpated positive today and she doesn't want her.   So I will have a litter of Vlop babies and the momma to eventually sell.   No nibbles on the English Spots yet.  I have given Raven through this weekend to finally breed again or she's done.  Clover's on the cull list and I honestly think that if Natalie doesn't breed this time I might go ahead and cull her as her weight has started the yo-yoing and I don't want her to suffer.  Legends and Hailey have both palpated positive, but Legends is a yearling and Hailey is the other 3 year old.  Time to cull down on the dutch.  I hate to cull my good show does but they are getting older and I will not let them get into bad shape.  

To think suffering part of me wants to move out of Kentucky.  I am tired of fighting and losing badly to my sinus'.  I don't want to leave Aunt Lisa or dad but I want to quit fighting the sinus'.  


  1. Something stuck out to me in your post... and that something was that some other people seem to have convinced you that Tessa is too short backed, too short for you?
    I am calling BULLSHIT on that right now.
    Her short back is what makes her perfect for you, and she is none too short either, but just right. Your skill as a rider (light hands, light in the saddle, light in the MIND) will always be a more important factor in your horse's comfort than the # on your scale.
    Please don't call yourself names... other people may throw ridiculous hate at you but you can guard yourself against them, please don't join them. You are beautiful & kind & worthy, don't let anyone ever say different. :-)

    1. if only it was that easy, too many of the side affects of my medication pushes against me and I have had really bad self esteem, self image and depression for a few years now. I'm a mental basket case. It's been getting better but where I don't like myself the way I am hurts me probably the worst. When I can stop fighting myself I know it will get better. I've been told I have light hands and I don't ride hard so I am hoping to get back to riding again soon. Heidi's just too tall! She's only 16.1 hands where Tessa's 15.1(ish) but both are really good mares.

  2. Whoever said that her having a short back is a problem is delusional and not horse smart at all. A shorter back means a stronger back capable of carrying more weight. Rayna is a good example, she is a big horse with good bone but she has a very long back. She is less capable of carrying weight long term then a horse that is stocky with a short back like Tenzin or Tessa. And by the way I think you're really really pretty, I always have *Hug*

    1. Not me that is the pretty one! You are far prettier than I am!
      I thought Rayna had a fairly short back I know Heidi's is average to long but shes way heavier built. I could tell you what people it was they are people you know that told me the back was too short. I think an odd horse girl. I like short thick blocky quarter horse types.