Saturday, August 5, 2017

Looking Forward

It's been a whirlwind few months here in Aya Sora's land.  Most of it has been a roller coaster but there are still a few things that are not.   On the biggest positive side is my Springleaf loan is paid off.  I've created a new 'budget' so to speak to rebalance where money goes and it does give me a little more monetary freedom going forward.  Good to start putting money away for a deposit on an apartment- so long as my car and truck allow me to!  Right now I need to save up and get 2 new tires for each of them. The truck's front right keeps going flat and the car's are just practically bald.  That is kind of what I get for buying cheap-ass tires on the car, they last 2.5 years and then they are toast.  Not bad considering.  Car does need another new alignment so I might call a tire place and see if I can't just get it done and re-aligned while it is there.
I finally have gone back to the doctors and got a bunch of tests run, still not the 3 I wanted done but those can wait for next time.  I got the diagnosis of Hasimoto's hypothyroidism and it does explain so many things.  I've ordered in a few books that will help me understand this disease and with any luck I can control it and learn to deal with this and move forward from here.  It's an autoimmune disease of the Thyroid and it's basically where my body is making antibodies against my own thyroid.  Where it comes from I don't know how it happened I don't know or understand yet but I have only read that I can put it back into remission and keep it there with a good control of medications.  So next doctor visit I will have him run the other tests to see what I should be doing medication wise and see what I can't do to regain control.  That should all help me on my end game of losing weight and getting fit.
The horses have been fantastic.  I've been out riding, I put a saddle for Tessa on my credit card (which I shouldn't have done but I couldn't resist) and I've had her out western and with Heidi staying English I should be doing alright.
While I am still not amused with the way I look at least I am *now* got a fighting chance to get things situated and going correctly.  We will continue onwards, upwards and forwards.   

Willow has been fantastic she's always by my side and when she's not she's by the front door waiting for my return with eagerness.  She doesn't approve of me leaving her behind but when we had hit that super hot spell of 90+ for a week I got really stressed on our drive home as she was just so flippin hot but now with it cooler again I can go back to taking her everywhere without fear and I can go back to horseback riding again.  We still need to get back to some kind of training regimen but that will come with cooler temperatures.  I have off for the big dog show- as I have for the past 2 years and that is going to be our interesting drive to see if we really want to go up there and 'shop' or more so look around and just basically see what's up there.  It's my vacation week and I have plans to do a few things at least.  Not like last year when I didn't do anything for vacation.  I want to go back to Old Friends again and maybe go down to Natural Bridge and hike that with Willow.  I do have my follow up at the doctors office but that is only 1 day out of the 10 I have off(well Labor day I will likely be going into work in the morning but that's all good).

Last touche subject is the rabbits.  I am slowly getting them to a good point.  I have finally 1 blue
 english spot doe Miracle(fondly called Mirror), and the two blacks that I am keeping- Cricket and Lindsay.  Lindsay's sister Miranda is going to Texas next month and a blue buck named Trick is coming in, in exchange.  Transport has already been paid and I am thoroughly eager to get a good solid base of blue going.  Sadly none do trace back to my original 3 English Spots but I kind of knew that was going to happen.   The dutch, I think I'm going to weed down to 3 pairs, since I have a blue buck coming in this fall, Willie, I am picking up a Sassy son, which is a tort buck since that's my last hold on Syd's bloodlines.  Syd is the only offspring of Neena's I kept and she was the literal only child of Kitty's, as Kitty only had 2 babies to start with and killed one of them at 3 weeks old, so Neena got weaned early.  Neena was gifted to a friend and was told if she ever got rid of her to tell me and I would go get her but of coarse she sold her and the line was gone once I lost the last of the Syd related offspring.  So now with Legends and Chaucer tracking back to Rafik, Sassy's son tracing back to Syd and Colby(Not my homebred Colby Jr), Legends tracing back to Sam, and Hide, Natalie and Connie all tracing back to Amelia I have my foundation lines back.  I will likely keep the three bucks, Willie, Sassy's son and Chaucer and then keep 3 or 4 does total.  I will still need to get a tort doe to go with Sassy's boy.  He still needs a name.    

All in all I actually feel like I am going the right direction in life.  Things are getting muddled here and there but moving forward.  


  1. I think it's fantastic that you're riding again! You are much too hard on yourself... you are a smart lady with many more positive attributes than you might list. I wasted some time when I was younger fussing myself over whether my body was perfect - time WASTED & opportunities missed was the only result. I hope you will turn the kindness & compassion you have for other people onto yourself. You are wonderful, just as you are. And btw - your form in the saddle is lovely.

    1. I know these are from early July but I did ride the big mare today too. I am trying to change my attitude about myself but it's still a struggle some days, I just keep telling myself to think positive and the more I tell myself that the better it's getting. My doc tried to put me on Wellbutrin and it made me so sick I had to quit taking it. Few more weeks until I can get some more/new labs done. I want to get put onto a T3 suppliment and check my Iron levels so that I can beat this Hasi's into submission and keep my forward positive thinking going! I'm trying to not waste anymore time than I already have. I've spent almost 3 years fighting with the thyroid problems when I should have done this lab stuff 3 years ago.
      Thank you, you are also so kind ma'am. I've dropped all three girls that I've called best friends and I actually feel so much better.