Monday, August 28, 2017

Keeping up the fight.

This week of vacation that has just started has started in such a good mood.  I haven't bothered to check my weight.  it is still high, higher than my last doctors appointment but for the time being I am okay with that.  I just picked up the new insoles for my sneakers so I can start taking walks in the mornings when I get up and I hope to take a few long walks each day and maybe that will help.  I just got a voice message from the doctors office and they need to move my appointment because Dr. Baker won't be in the office.  I will have to call first thing in the morning and see what I can do to get in this week.  I have to.  I don't have my other choice but to get it done this week, I can't take more time off to get all the way back into Owingsville after I've started to do more bloodwork.  I will call them and see if I can at least go in and have blood drawn Thursday morning and have them at least run the T3 tests.  I'm going to keep pushing, I want to be put on a T3 supplement to see if that will help since the Wellbutrin did not.  
So Saturday I took Jess with me down to visit Grandma and we had a pretty good time over all.  Then I came home with the intention to clean and reorganize the barn.  Which I actually got done with Jess' help.  She helped me move the new cages into the barn.  So I got several things reorganized and I have the rabbits settled.  So Sunday I was able to get my mini running table set up and get all the English Spots on it to run.  I'm still working tonight, Monday, on getting them uploaded to Facebook.  I am hoping with the new video of 1BC2/Polly up I will be able to get her sold.  I might go ahead and raise the price on her now since I'm putting a bit more work and time into getting her show ready.  She's a really nice little doe. I just can't keep her.  I took Hide out and was playing with her, and realized it's not a her, it's a him.  So I got some new pictures of him and I am going to sadly list him for sale.  It's kind of sad, I had hoped it was a doe in hopes of keeping it as an offspring of Connie's in the barn but I will have to try and re-breed her again.  She's keeping her weight well so I might try it with Willie once he comes home.  I right now have Natalie bred to Lantis, the tort buck, but I want to wait for a blue to breed Connie.  It's kind of sad really.  I REALLY liked Hide.  Well marked, nice body type.  The steel markings are VERY light but he'd still make a good brood buck if he doesn't molt out into all black or into more steel markings.  Tis a very sad situation with Hide.  *Hopefully* he hasn't bred his momma, I just weaned him despite he's just under 4 months old.  I thought it was a doe and I left it at that and figured Hide as fine staying with momma.  Well I was wrong on sexing.  I'm not usually wrong but I haven't checked Hide since he was 3 weeks old.  I almost always re-check at 6-8 weeks.  I didn't.  I made a mistake.  Not a mistake I will make again.
I haven't ridden at all since the last time I wrote partially because I have been lazy and tired, and partially because of lack of motivation and lastly, it's because of poor weather conditions.  It's been hot and gross and that bugs Heidi with the heat.  Either hot and humid or wet and rainy.  I haven't had much choice in the weather.   This week Tess has had a round of Cellulitis spurring from some bad thrush.  I feel so awful about not noticing the thrush until she was 3 legged lame on Saturday.  She wouldn't even put weight on her right front hoof.  I feel awful.  I still feel awful even today.  Sunday when I figured out that it wasn't just a puffy leg.  So I texted Patrick telling him what I had and what should I give her, and he said Excede, so off to the clinic I went and got her a big shot of Excede Sunday morning, came home cleaned her feet out and put Iodine in all 4 of them and the big shot of Excede.  Today I switched back to the Blue Kote but at least this evening the swelling and heat are gone.  So I am hopeful tomorrow afternoon to get a good ride in on Heidi and maybe ground work Tess some.  I am a little weary to start working her this soon but I also moved Michael coming to trim up to as soon as he can.  I will have to step up and treat their feet way more often than I have been.  I have also blocked them out of their run in, to keep their feet from being in the muck.  I really need to do something about that run-in situation.


  1. Sorry, I'm unclear where you're using the bluekote - on the thrush? One of mine has had kind of stinky feet but not full thrush, so I've been trying the Kevin Bacons - it's quite thick and clingy, which is good, but holy can you smell the ACV!

    Know what you mean about rabbits.... one of mine just bred "HER" sister. His breeder & I were both wrong. Dangit.

    1. yes bluekote right down around the frog to help fight the thrush.
      I used to be really good about sexing the babies. But maybe where I have been away from it for a while I have lost my touch.

    2. When this Bacons is gone, maybe I'll try the bluekote - it's sure a lot cheaper!

    3. After all these few weeks, betadine works better than BlueKote too.