Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas

I have, thankfully, been in a much better mood.  I know the doctor's office dropped a bomb on me and made me upset, but I put a lot of honest thought into it and I decided to take my own results and take the knowledge into my own hands to learn.  My lipid's panel came back bad, so I have bad cholesterol.  FT4 came back still below normal but my TSH came back down to the high end of the normal range.  Doctor's office called and said everything was normal on the thyroid panel.  I had bad cholesterol and she said that Baker said I needed to watch my diet- or start some kind of diet and to exercise more.  Baker and I had a conversation about this whole thing when I was there.  He knows what is going on.    Still needs to come down and my FT4 still needs to get to the higher end of the range but it's slowly moving that way.  I'm struggling with another sinus infection though.  I've had a few of them now since upping tot he Armour 90.  So I really am honestly thinking that there's something about the medication that is setting off my sinus'.  Lately I have been in just such a good mood that I gave up the arguing with the doctors office.  A fellow AFGAFH lady and I have plans to keep each other honest and start working on weight loss in the New Year.  

As for New Year goals for 2018:

  • Get more debt paid off. 
  • Get Willow into some more training classes so we can continue Rally and Obedience
  • Get Heidi and Tessa both working under Western tack
  • Get riding lessons
  • Get more fit for work, cattle work is going to demand me to be more fit
  • Learn to be more patient and less bottling up of emotions  
  • At least start the apartment search if I don't get futher
  • Attempt to be more social- planning 2- 5k walk/run's
It's not much but I don't want to make high goals and then look back on this next Christmas and see how much of this I got accomplished and then realize that I haven't gotten hardly any of them accomplished.  

I have been doing okay with Rach and Ky actually.  I have been going through my friends list and deleting a bunch of people I do not talk to anymore or people that really don't give a crap.   I've got a lot of my own problems that I am trying to keep in control of, I don't need more stress.  

Well thinking of promises.  I promise to live as happy as possible and move forward with happiness and just do-it!  Our rain has finally started to change over to snow so with any hopes I will wake up Christmas morning to a dusting of snow!  


  1. "Well thinking of promises. I promise to live as happy as possible and move forward with happiness and just do-it! "

    Girl, that's all any of us can ask of ourselves.
    Merry Christmas my Friend!

  2. I'm glad we're getting back on track! I love you and I've missed you! Back on track for the new year!