Monday, January 4, 2016

Working hard

Heidi has been working hard as have I been to get her working in great shape.  Sunday I was photographer and ground crew at Tamarack while a bunch of the girls were riding.  They were jumping and doing coarses and getting their horses all working.  Sadly none of their pictures are on my laptop.  It was fun, chilly, but still I kept moving none the less. Good exercise.
Then after about 2 hours there, we packed up so Kylie, Megan and I could go over to Lucky Charm.  Megan was the coach, photographer and ground crew this time around. Luckily for her, Rayna and Heidi are both green, out of shape and big drafty girls that don't jump much at all.  Megan made us get a good workout and gave me something to work on.  Hopefully we can work some more while the temps are down, I'm such a wimp for the cold!

So we'll be working on this again some more over the next couple of weeks and I hope by February to be ready for a lesson from Shana.  I have also picked up a bag of safe choice so I can give Heidi yummies after she works so hopefully she learns to enjoy her workouts again.
Willow has lost, so far, 1.5 pounds on the Royal Canin food so I've upped it yet again.  I don't want her to drop below 27 pounds and today she was at 27.1 So we're now up to 1.5 cups of food.   Half cup am, 1 cup with 1/3 cup green beans and a spoonful of pumpkin and her oil at night.  She's much happier with more food in her belly.

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