Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Today's been an extraordinary day actually.  It started out like it usually does.  Certain people being late (as always) and me being somewhat miserable because of the lack of outside runs to put noisey barking dogs.  But the day just got better.  Typical roller coaster kind of day but this one ended in an up.  I started with bleaching part of the back area so I could move the two runs over to the freshly cleaned and bleached area that was now free of bird crap.  While it was soaking in the bleach mix I walked over to Dollar General and picked up a cheap $5 tarp to cover the two runs, I was tired of seeing the dogs getting pooped on and their stuff getting covered as well since the runs were not covered anymore.  So cleaned, tarped and fresh blankets and water buckets out there and they were happy again.   Then freshly wore out from scrubbing the floor I went up front.  Jeff and Patrick were there getting meds together and asked what I was doing, they thought I had gone with Rex on his call this morning.  So I said no, he's a one man show and he doesn't take me.  Patrick figures it's because I'm a girl, but Patrick said I was a pretty good cow hand, then Jeff adds to it that I was useful especially on VanMeter's farm- which was the one in the rain we did and I was driving and he had been in the back trying to rope the cow.  I swore I had almost thrown him out but he said I was fine and I was safety orientated and a little over cautious if anything.  That I hadn't been expecting.  I know still that it'll go away once Mikey returns.  That thought keeps saddening me but I *MIGHT* get lucky and it doesn't.  I don't know. The future is always full of surprises and full of new and inventive things!  I'm still working things out with the other girls and a chunk of the time I still do spend solo and away from the rest of them.  I'm not their typical southern girl, I'm a country girl not afraid to get dirty and have to out think large animals.
I chatted a little bit  with Rae, Mich and Ky  and I felt pretty good even then, but then one night I got kept up by a couple of bunny friends with them just picking my brains, the one is starting to drive me crazy.  Okay both are, they've driven me away from Facebook and I'm about two steps away from taking the Messenger App off my cell phone.  Except for that's the easiest way to get a hold of Aunt Lisa and chat with her during the day.  Sometimes I just need to get away from people, places and things.  But I still can come home and cuddle with Heidi, Tessa and my own bunnies and be fine.  The great weather I think has helped a lot too.  It's been really good weather and it's finally spring.  I need to pluck up the courage to talk to Benny about renting the field from him for the big girls so I can drag, seed and put in some new posts in my field and dad can burn off the brush pile.  Might also give the field a bit more time to perk up and jump forward, depends a lot on what Benny says.  I still need to give more thoughts of what to do if I can't, cause I'm going to need to find some kind of summer pasture for them so I can save up for winter hay and a horse round bale holder to boot.  
Well I'm going to head towards bed I'm tired and I need to sleep a bit better tonight.

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